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Provider Enrichment Services
We help organizations gather powerful insights about their unique employee retention, equity, and culture building challenges.


We create empowering experiences that tap into people’s potential.



We develop unique engagement experiences to cultivate a sense of belonging, transform mindsets, and empower ideas and solutions. 




 Our facilitators uncover key attributes, overarching themes, hidden pain points, and opportunities for individual and organizational growth.



We work to create clarity and build more effective processes and systems to tackle real world challenges and sustainable solutions.


Our diverse team has an array of experience, an innate understanding of people, and the ability to evoke real change.

LaDonna Butler

LaDonna Butler

LaDonna Butler is a credentialed trainer with decades of experience in leading groups and inspiring others to action. She has worked extensively with stakeholders to create a safe platform for guided conversations using strength-based processes. 


Alissa Cooper

Alissa Cooper

Alissa Cooper is a creative content developer, designer and facilitator collaborating to create training tools and resources. Establishing and fostering strong relationships throughout the community is foundational to her work.

Meet our Facilitation Team:

Amina Watkins

Amina Watkins

LaToya Benberry

LaToya Benberry

Andria Jackson

Andria Jackson

Anna Laurent

Anna Laurent

Our Young Adult Facilitation Team:

Kate Criner

Kate Criner

Elijah Patrick

Elijah Patrick


The team partnered with us at Baptist Health to launch Listening Sessions for staff. The sessions gave staff a safe place to share feelings and perceptions around the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The sessions were well facilitated and kept conversations productive and on track. Once sessions were complete, the team prepared high-level takeaways for the HR departments to use in strategic planning sessions around diversity, equity, and inclusion. The facilitation team was a valuable partner in discovering our current state and directions needed to grow and evolve.


Katelyn bloyd, MA

system director of employee experience for baptist health corporate

I thoroughly enjoyed working with this team to design a tool specific to our mission. They helped us design and develop Education Conversation Cards to use in our parent and community settings. The connections and relationships they have with families and school staff set the perfect foundation for rich focus group discussions and development of questions. We are very excited about these high-quality and user-friendly cards. Thank you LaDonna and team for your hard work and patience to get the exact product we were hoping for! 5 stars for connections, discovery and development!


Brooke Gill

Director of Family Engagement
Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

We have struggled with retaining first year RN’s.Our turnover rate was steadily increasing and exit surveys weren’t giving us much to go on. We needed a better way to actively engage with new RNs before they left the organization or even worse, left nursing altogether. Working with LaDonna and team allowed us to reduce turnover for first year RN’s from 44% to 27%. Their methodology proved to be a powerful way to learn about needs and give support to new nurses.  


Bonnie Schrock, MBA, FACHE

Chief Operating Officer
Baptist Health Paducah

A Discovery Model Learning Session and the use of the Talk card deck has revolutionized our mentoring program for middle and highschool students. I’ve witnessed a diverse array of students respond with curiosity, open-mindedness, and develop leadership skills. Students are empowered to solve personal challenges, and equipped mentors and school administrators identify new ways to advocate for student success.


Anne Bidwell

Community Impact Manager
United Way


We work with organizations that share our values of…


We value people of all races, classes, and genders. Equity is not only about outcomes, but opportunities. Our approach to working with people incorporates how systems impact experience and learning, and fosters transformation at multiple levels.


One of our primary goals is to bring belief systems to the forefront by providing opportunity for authentic conversations. Beliefs about change are instrumental in propelling the journey forward to find accessible and sustainable solutions.


Resilience is the sustained ability of communities to withstand, adapt to, and recover from adversity. We specialize in building empathetic and understanding connections between peers, reminding us that we are not alone in the midst of difficulty.  


Let us help transform your workplace mindset.

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